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Finding You New Customers Through Website Marketing and Design, Social Media Advertising And Just Plain Old Hard Work

Local Lead Generation

Web Site Development


People searching for a product or service in a specific location are, quite simply put, buyers. Our specialty is focused on Local Lead Generation. We will optimize your website so that the right customers are finding your local business first. Thousands of people are looking in your geographic area for your product or service. Will they find you? Rainmaker Leads will make that happen.
Rainmaker Leads will create a unique web experience for your customer. Our sites are succinct, crisp, and affordable and will satisfy your specific needs. Our sites are a pefect balance between visually appealing and completely functional. Once your web site is up and running we will tailor make you a personal SEO strategy and provide you with the direction you need to start makin’ it rain
Search Engine Optimization. This is the ‘next level’ stuff right here. If you want your business to consistently rank on Google, Yahoo, and Bing then you have to have a solid SEO strategy. Business's need to have their websites optimized to take advantage of the 80% of people that never go to page 2 on a Google search. Is your site on page one?Don't have a strategy or even know what SEO is? Let Rainmaker Leads save you time and money by handling all your SEO needs.

Social Media


Dealing With Giants

  Still think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, are still just for teens to post selfies on? Think again. Millions of users per day. Is your company there? Are they being ‘Liked’? Rainmaker Leads can handle your Social Media Campaign. You will ‘out like’ your teenagers profile in no time.
Looking for a website audit or do you need to figure out trending on your site? Rainmaker leads can manage that for you. We gather massive amounts of data from Google Analytics, translate it to a language the average person can understand and actually use to grow their sites and their business.
  Google. Yahoo. Bing.  All massive and intimidating companies. All are very necessary to deal with if you intend to get your company’s name to rank  in their search engines. Rainmaker Leads goes above and beyond to get your name at the top of the search list. The higher the rank the higher the bank. Simple.

What We Do
We are here to take care of all of your IT Business needs.
It's simple, we make you money. Rainmaker Leads and Digital Marketing specialises in helping small to medium sized businesses develop their online presence and drive sales to never seen before heights.
For many businesses, the first point of contact with potential clients is your website. Rainmaker Leads and Digital Marketing will make sure your website will generate new leads, attract new customers and be found by clients near and far.  We can design your site, run your Ad-words Campaign, and maintain professional SEO services to make sure your site ranks with Google, Yahoo, Bing and all local directories. The higher the rank the higher the bank! 
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What We Offer
  • Local Lead Generation.  We match your business with local customers.  The right people finding the right product means more conversions and a better bottom line
  • Responsive, smart website design. All sites are completely mobile friendly and optimized to show the best results in all major search engines SERP's

  • Professional copy. We will work with you to develop professional content for your site to keep those keywords flowing naturally

  • Expert SEO. We know what we are doing when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.  Let us prove it to you

  • Sites to help linking influence

  • Manual submission of your site to Google, Bing, Yahoo and all major and local listing sites

  • Search Engine Marketing. SEM is similar to SEO but usually uses paid ads, targeted marketing, and paid back links to increase your sites rankings

  • Monitor and analyse all vital statistics like how people are accessing your site if they are finding what they are looking for, bounce rate, and what parts of your site are working for the client and what parts are not

  • Create or edit your meta tags, alt text, page names, meta descriptions and so many more elements important for quality SEO

  • Ethical Link Building programs

  • Your website will grow! We will be by your side to help you scale those mountains and help with new content

  • Full reporting on trend analysis with Google Analytics. Google can tell what your clients are eating when looking at your site (not really) but they do collect huge amounts of data. We can put this data in layman’s terms to help you see what is effective and what is not
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Is it Lead Generation, help developing a SEO plan, Target Marketing, Add-Words Management, Ongoing SEO or do you just want a simple and affordable web site developed? Do you need sales to increase by 25% percent over the next year and just want someone to make that happen? May be you need to have a website to let everyone know your are the best towing service out there! Or maybe you are not sure what you need yet.  Give Rainmaker Leads and Digital Marketing a call or fill out the contact form and send us an email.  We would love to have a no obligation conversation and develop a plan to bring your business to the top.