Why Choose Us?
We are a small shop that believes in building relationships, not just web sites. 
Our Philosophy
At Rainmaker Leads and Digital Marketing, we believe in fighting for the small guy. We are a small local shop in North West London, Ontario that specialises in empowering small to medium-sized businesses to compete with the big guys.  We prefer ‘partnering’ with a company instead of just consulting for them, relationship building is very important to us.
It’s All About You
Your website’s ability to attract customers is our business and we take our business seriously. Your website is a major part of your brand and in this market brand is paramount. We use only the most ethical of process’s to build your brand and move your website to the top of the major search engines. RML will take the time to explain everything you want to know about your website and about the services we guarantee to deliver.
We are Professional

So you have this smoking hot website with lots of fancy things on it. But where is it? Why is no one finding it? At Rainmaker Leads and Digital Marketing, we keep on top of the latest techniques to get your site ranked. 90% of mobile device searches in Canada use Google. 75% of searchers don’t go past the first page in a search.  Google uses over 200 different factors to determine where your site is ranked, not only that but Google changes the algorithm hundreds of times a year!  Your business needs a professional, let Rainmaker Leads and Digital Marketing help you achieve your greatest goals
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"Above all, we respect our clients. We want to work for them to build their trust and forge a meaningful long term relationship"
Chris Stinson
President, Rainmaker Leads & Digital Marketing